• IFA Centre - Logo Design (Negative, Portrait Version)
  • IFA Centre - Logo Design (Negative, Icon)
  • IFA Centre - Logo Design (Negative, Landscape Version)
  • IFA Centre - Logo Design (Positive, Landscape Version)

The Background:

IFA Centre is a newly formed trade body that has been created to respond to upcoming changes in the regulation and classification of Independent Financial Advisors. 

The Challenge:

The organisation was keen to be seen as a transparent organisation that both listened and communicated with its members. Along with giving a unique and recognisable marque, the new logo also had to communicate these messages.

The Solution:

Using radiating, transparent circles, a feeling of communication and transparency has been achieved. By combining this with a solid and recognisable marque, IFA Centre have a logo that can be easily applied to material, giving them a powerful company logo.

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